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In June 2000 in our second Newsletter, Rob Francis listed some web-sites of interest, not surprisingly since then, in addition to the creation of our own site  the list has grown dramatically.  If you have any comments/reviews relating to the following sites, or if you know of any links to other relevant sites, then please send them to the Website Editor.



General sites

- Ancient Sites Directory

Site address:

Council for British Archaeology Internet Information Service

Site address:

An excellent clearing house for information and other archaeology based sites. A whole magazine – British Archaeology – is a part of the site.

- Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Site address: 

An impressive site that lists all the war graves and those lost in action in both the First and Second World Wars.  It is easy to search for an individual by name.

- Family Records

Site address: 

- Family Search

Site address:

The Mormon’s site that enables you to search their International Genealogical Index and other databases.  A useful first point of call for any family history research.


Site address:  and

An invaluable source of genealogical information.  Go to the Derbyshire sections, you could spend hours searching just on this site.

- Public Records Office

Site address:


-Oxford Ancestors

Established in 2001, you can discover your true genetic roots with a personal DNA analysis by Bryan Sykes, a professor of human genetica at the University of Oxford. The service takes 6 weeks to process. From £180 !!

Site address:


-Blenheim Biographies

The family run television production company will produce a documentary film about you and your family.

Site address



Derbyshire/Peak District Sites

Arkwright Society

Site address:  

Comprehensive information on Cromford Mill, the Derwent Valley Mills, Lumsdale and more.

Derbyshire Archaeological Society

Site address

Comprehensive information on the society and their publications.

Derbyshire County Council

Site address:  

Derbyshire Dales District Council

Site address:  

Derbyshire Family History Society

Site address:

Comprehensive information on the Society and their publications, it also has access on a pay per view basis to transcripts of Registers.

Derbyshire Record Society

Site address:

Comprehensive information on the Society and their publications.

Derbyshire Stone Circles

Site address:

Don't be put off the length of the address. This is an excellent site that covers the whole of Derbyshire and its stone circles. Maps diagrams and virtual pictures of what Arbor Low would have looked like when the stones were standing.

Peak District Mines Historical Society

Site address:  

Primarily a list of mines.

Peak District National Park

Site address:   and

Tends to be more general information.


Local History Sites


Site address:

An excellent site outlining the Bonsall History Project, the 1415 Duchy of Lancaster returns, and much more.

Bradbourne and Lea Hall

Site address:

A very useful site, set up by Rosie Ball who is also a member of our Society outlining information on these two parishes, including censuses and hearth tax information.

Cromford Village

Site address:

A general site for the village with some historical information, especially relating to the Arkwrights.

Matlock and Matlock Bath Genealogy and Local History

Site address:

An extensive site.

Winster History Group  visit and click on History Group and then on Newsletters

Wirksworth Heritage Centre

Site address:

At present a one page site relating just to the Centre.

Wirksworth Local History

Site Address:

An amazing piece of research that gives details of census returns, old photographs, Domesday Book, details of hearth tax in areas surrounding Wirksworth (including Brassington, Ible, Cromford, and Matlock).


Genealogical sites with reference to local families

Beresford Family Society

Site address:

A comprehensive site with extensive information.

Bonsall Historical Society

Site address:

An American site devoted to the descendants of Richard and Mary Bonsall of Mouldridge Grange, who emigrated to Darby, Pennsylvania in the 1680s or 1690s.

Bunting Society

Site address:

An active Society that publishes a regular magazine.

Hawley Society

Site address:

An American society that largely consists of the descendants of Joseph Hawley who is likely to have emigrated from Parwich to New England around 1630.  Extensive information on the search for Joseph’s English roots is included.


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