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Deeds and Buildings

The "Deeds" Group have been meeting periodically to research the history of the buildings in the village, e.g. when they were constructed, how they have been altered over the years, who lived in them at various periods in their history, whether they were shops or inns before becoming dwellings etc. We have been examining the Deeds that accompanying the sales of property where such deeds still exist.  We have been examining the census returns which were begun in 1841 and have continued each 10 years.  This latter research has been a laborious task involving the transcription from photocopied microfiche records at the Local Studies Library at County Hall in Matlock, onto computer files.  These files are now available on this website at Census Returns for the period from 1841 to 1901 and they contain a rich vein of information about the forebears of current Parwich residents.

The outcome of this research has been published in the Society's Newsletter and the following articles will be of further interest:-

Parwich Parish in the 1840's: some statistics  Issue 3, page 1
Parwich Surnames in 1841    Issue 3, page 3
Barn under Dodd's Hill    Issue 3, page 5
Parwich Tithe Map 1843    Issue 3, page 5
Sir Richard Levinge of Parwich 1656-1724    Issue 3, page 6
Dam Farm    Issue 3, page 7
Property Deeds    Issue 3 page 8
Parwich in the last century    Issue 5, page 1
The Creamery    Issue 5, page 3
Fernlea House    Issue 5, page 4
Trade Directories    Issue 5, page 10

This list is not exhaustive and it would be better to scan through the articles index for further articles of interest.

If any current or former residents of Parwich are in possession of property deeds for Parwich buildings or for any other buildings in the locality, they may wish to make known their existence to the Website Editor by Email so that we can make a register of all known documents that are still in existence and where they are. Many deeds have gone missing because their purpose has nowadays been superseded by the Land Registry with much simpler forms of conveyance contracts.

If any current or former residents of Parwich have any specialised knowledge relating to Deeds and Buildings relating to the village, which they would like to make known to the Group, please Email the Website Editor and your contributions will be gratefully received.

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