Parwich & District Local History Society

Aims of the Society

The Society was formed in February 2000 with the following aims:-

(a)            To research the local history of the Parwich and its environs in all its aspects and through all periods of history from earliest times to the present day, including landscape, archaeology, architecture, agriculture, industry, history, social history, economics and any other related issues of historical interest to the community.

(b)            To hold lectures and training courses devoted to this aim and to visit places of historic interest in the Parwich area and its environs.

(c)           To encourage members to work individually or in groups on research projects on Parwich history.

(d)           To actively co-operate with other societies and bodies having similar or allied interests.

(e)            To collect, preserve, safeguard and possibly publish books, prints, pamphlets, maps, illustrations, ephemera, manuscripts, materials, artefacts and other printed or otherwise recorded material including oral tradition relating to Parwich and its environs.

(f)            To organise exhibitions to disseminate the fruits of this research to the local community and thereby stimulate further interest and research.

(g)      To work with other local groups to promote the development of the heritage, art and culture of Parwich and its environs.

With the above aims in mind this website is aimed to make available to all members of the Society and anyone else who shares our interests in the history of Parwich, the fruits of our researches, with the hope that anyone who has any knowledge to contribute to our researches, will make such contributions available through this website to all.